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We are a vibrant non-denominational church in the heart of Dundonald that loves God's presence, all people, and God's purposes for our lives

Who We Are

A church that loves God's presence

We believe the best way to know the love of God is by encountering God’s presence. Over and over, we have experienced the transformation that occurs when God’s people encounter the presence of God. We see it happen on Sunday worship, through prayer and the gifts of the Spirit, in reading our bibles, in small group communities, and sometimes even miraculously through healing and dreams. However it comes, we love God’s presence and want to extend God’s presence to the world.

A church that loves people

Eastpoint was created out of a love for the people of our community who are hungry for God. All over the world we see lost and broken people in need of the healing, presence, and transformation that the good news of Jesus Christ can offer. That’s why we exist. To love people, and to invite them to know the love of God for us in Jesus Christ.

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A church that loves God's purposes

We believe God calls everyone into a deeper purpose far greater than anything we could comprehend or create for ourselves. We believe that the message and hope of Jesus have the power to transform every life and allow us to live God’s purpose for us for all the world.

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Looking for a place to belong?

Come Visit


Sundays at 11am

Tullycarnet Community Centre

Kinross Ave

Dondonald, BT5 7RN

Connect with


From our children's ministries to life groups, to men's and women's fellowships to prayer, we'd love to go deeper with you in your faith. 


Serve with


From welcome teams to sound and worship, one of the best ways to connect is to serve. Click on the link below to explore our incredible teams. 

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